UK Roulette

Game Objective:

The objective of the game is to accurately guess the outcome of the Roulette spin (whether the right number or the right group). Roulette is played using a wheel with 37 numbered slots (1-36, plus a 0), a ball and a layout upon which the player may place bets covering a single number or groups of numbers. After players have placed the desired bets, the ball is spun around the wheel and will come to rest in one of the numbered slots, indicating the winning number/ group.

How to Play:

  • Select the amount you want to wager by clicking on the chip of that denomination. The selected chip will be raised.
  • All possible bet types are defined in paytable section.
  • You may place as many bets as you like, depending on the type of bets or the maximum table limit.
  • To remove a chip from the table, click on the UNDO or CLEAR buttons.
  • Information on your available game balance and total amount bet is shown.
  • Once you have finished placing your bets, spin the wheel by clicking on the ‘SPIN’ button.
  • When the ball comes to rest, the winning number is highlighted on the wheel.
  • When you hit SPIN or REBET & SPIN, the ball will spin on the wheel. The win amount is calculated as per the paytable given, and your winnings are shown in a win metre which comes up when there is a win. This win amount is added to the game balance.
  • After the ball stops, the number will be displayed over the spinning wheel.
  • The last 10 winning numbers are shown in the top part of the screen, with the most recent outcomes to the left.
  • After the game finishes, the default chip size for the new game remains the same as your previous bet. If you want to place a new bet, click on the desired betting spots and place the bet.
  • The game can be played without bets placed on the table.
  • To repeat the same bet, click on the REBET button.
  • To repeat the same bet  and spin, click on the REBET & SPIN button.
  • Neighbours: There is the possibility to place continuous bets by clicking on the ‘NEIGHBOURS’ button on the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the paytable button from the game menu on the top right of the game screen to view the game rules.
  • To switch on or off sound in the game, click on the Sound button that is located at the right top corner of the screen in the game menu.
  • There is the possibility to enable/disable ‘drag to bet’ feature in the game via the settings button from the game menu.
  • Turbo-mode: There is the possibility to turn off/on animation in the game via the settings button form the game menu.

Bet Limits:

There is a maximum bet limit for each type of bet, as well as an overall table maximum limit.

Table minimum limit - the total amounts of bets placed before each spin must be more than or equal to £1.

Table maximum limit - the total amount of bets placed before each spin must be less than or equal to the maximum bet requirements posted on the table.

Maximum bet limit for each type of bet is described in table below:

Bet Opportunity

Maximum Bet













Even chances


Neighbours Table: