Customer Service

Customer Service represents the basic point of contact between any person, regardless whether or not bwin customer, and the company, therefore all your queries should be addressed to Customer Service by filling in the form that can be found on our contact page. It is of high importance to provide a minimum of personal information in order to make possible identification as well as a description of the issue for which assistance is wished.The contact page provides you with all the needed information on how customer services can be reached and thus is the main entry point to the company.

Please bear in mind that Customer Service gives to your queries all due importance and consideration and will provide a reply as thoroughly and quickly as possible; we kindly invite you to avoid sending multiple e-mails containing the same query since this would not speed your request as your communications are answered chronologically.

We remind you as well that our help pages are always at your disposal as an excellent source of information, therefore if you have any query, please have a look at our Terms and Conditions and FAQs firstly and should you still have unresolved issues, feel free to contact our Customer Service team at any time.

Please notice also that customers can file a complaint free of charge by contacting Customer Services. When submitting their complaints, customers should preferably contact Customer Service via the form reported on the contact page. We kindly recommend to fill in the form with the appropriate “complaint” category so that the query is easily identified and can be dealt with properly.

Customers are allowed to present their claim within three months from the date the decision or event originating the claim took place.

A query will be deemed to be a complaint according to the company’s own definition, that is, if the customer reports:

- a technical malfunction of the website originating on the company’s end

- the non-compliance of a company’s decision with the given Terms and Conditions and/or the applicable law

- the non-obtainment in whole or part of a (requested) service due by the company as per own Terms and Conditions and/or the applicable law

Pre-defined service levels and processes ensure that the processing of complaints once they have reached the Customer Service permits providing the customers with an answer within a period of time not exceeding 1 month. If based on the nature of the reason or problem that originated the complaint a solution or a settlement cannot be provided within the mentioned timeframe, the customer will be correspondently informed and updated until a final answer is available.

The process foresees that disputes as well as the involved facts are examined, analysed and reviewed within the Customer Service team or by the correspondent department according to assigned responsibilities. The result of the above-mentioned procedure will be communicated to the customer within the shortest possible delay and may consist in: the confirmation or revocation of a decision taken, as well as the correspondent motivation; the clarification of a given situation; the solution or available interim information in case of a technical problem. All the communication maintained with the customer is available, saved and archived for the whole length of the retention period in the Customer Service management tools.