What are the general rules in esports?

1. If a match is not played at all (for example: forfeiture, disqualification or game server problem), all bets on the outcome will be considered void.

2. If a match begins before the official scheduled time, all the bets placed after the match has started will be considered void, except for In-Play bets.

3. If a player/team is given a walkover on at least one map before the match starts, all wagers on the match will be considered void unless the advantage was clearly stated in the respective betting market. 

4. If the number of maps / rounds played is different from what is stated in the respective betting market, all bets will be considered void.

5. If a team uses a known alias to compete and play with at least one official player, all bets will stand.

6. If a match is played with lesser players on either or both teams, all bets will stand.

7. Once a game has started and kills traded, all bets on the individual map(s) will be valid based on the officially declared winner, including in the event of forfeiture, disqualification or game server problem (latency / DDOS).

8. If a match ends with a walkover decision, all bets will be considered void except for bets on individual maps already played.

9. All bets will be settled using the official results as declared by the relevant governing body of the competition concerned. If a game remake is being announced immediately while a match is still being played (for example: game breaking bug or game server problem), the official result stands.