What is a "Banker"?

Bankers are only possible in system bets. If you are certain about the outcome of a game (e.g. if there is a clear favourite), you can select that pick as a banker in your system bet. As soon as you have opted for a system bet with 3 picks (e.g. System 2/3), you can combine the system with a bank.

Your bet will be successful if you picked the right bank result and your bet meets with the system bet criteria.

Example: You would like to bet on three games and place a “System 2/3” bet. Additionally you select AC Milan to win its home game against Real Madrid as the bank. Your bet will be successful if the bank was correct - i.e. if AC Milan wins – and at least 2 of the picks in your system bet were correct.


Please note: To play bank bets, highlight your desired pick on your bet slip and then click on the tab "System". Activate the bank function by clicking "Use Banker". Click "B" in front of the respective result to activate the result as a bank pick (to deactivate click “B” again).